Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM)

What is ADM?

ADM is used for grafting of the gums to restore health to damaged or receding gums. It can provide the tissue you need, without the limitations associated with taking the graft from somewhere else in your mouth. It eliminates a second surgical site and delivers a great cosmetic result.

Where does ADM come from?

ADM is processed from donated human tissue that must pass the same stringent screening criteria as any other implantable tissue or organ (heart, lung, kidney, etc.) even before it undergoes processing, the donor tissue must pass rigid guidelines set by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

How does ADM work?

ADM provides the collagen structure and proteins that help your body’s own tissue grow. As the body’s natural processes take over, your own cells move into the ADM. Over time, your cells transform the ADM into your own healthy gum tissue. Once recovery is complete you won’t even be able to tell the ADM was ever there.

What are the advantages of ADM?

  • You have the freedom of choice: to use tissue taken from another part of your mouth or to use the ADM.
  • With ADM there is no second surgical site, therefore a more comfortable healing period.
  • Unlike your own mouth, ADM is an unlimited source of tissue. Therefore, if a patient needs more than one site of grafting, they can all be done in one visit. This eliminates the need for multiple visits and often reduces the overall cost of treatment.

How safe is ADM?

Besides its use in dental treatment, ADM has been used extensively in burn reconstruction and plastic reconstructive surgery. In its history of over fifteen years and 450,000 procedures, there has never been a reported case of viral disease transmission from ADM tissue. Important factors to consider when evaluating the safety of ADM tissue:

  • Tissue donors are screened and tested to exclude those who may have been exposed to HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and other viral and microbial pathogens.
  • The tissue is processed to remove all cellular components.
  • In addition to donor screening and serological lab testing, the agents used in the cell-removal process have demonstrated the ability to inactivate HIV virus.

What about the success of ADM?

Multiple clinical studies have documented ADM to be equivalent in most situations to the patient’s own tissue, for the treatment of recession. ADM has demonstrated equivalent or superior esthetic results compared to a patient’s own tissue. ADM is also successfully used to augment soft tissue around dental implants, protect bone grafts, and cover extraction sockets.

Before and After Pictures using ADM Grafting